Metal Partitions & Metal Stalls

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Metal bathroom stalls are built tough to withstand day-to-day use and last for years.

While materials such as brushed stainless steel and phenolic give customers more aesthetic choices, they don’t come close to offering the same value as powder-coated steel stalls, also known as metal toilet partitions. Likewise, consumers can opt for materials with higher durability, such as HDPE solid plastic, but it comes at a significant cost premium compared to metal partitions. One benefit unique to Partition Plus’ metal toilet partitions is the short lead time and quick shipping timeframe. Premium Quick Ship Steel from Hadrian leaves the factory in as little as 24 hours after ordering. Metal toilet partitions offer an ideal blend of utility and affordability – along with some unique benefits.

Design Options with Metal Stalls

Metal partitions come in fewer colors and patterns than some other materials. However, the available palette of 22 colors still affords a great deal of design flexibility. To complement professional spaces or neutral design schemes, manufacturers offer tones like Almond, Linen, Light Grey, White, and Extra White. Customers can opt for shades like Sahara, Colonial Blue, Sapphire Blue, Ruby Red, Bordeaux, and Moss Green to suit buildings with daring design cues. For truly head-turning stalls, choose a special effect finish like Black Fox, Cast Iron Metallic, or Nickel Metallic.

High traffic environments benefit from extra resilient anti-graffiti finishes in Kilim Beige, Tricorn Black, Dovetail, and Desert. While some bathroom designs demand stalls clad in faux wood grain or complex patterns (available in other materials, such as phenolic), the comprehensive selection of colors and finishes enables metal partitions to fit into most public restroom d├ęcor.

Metal Stall Durability

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Metal partitions come in a range of colors. Ask about “special effect” and anti-graffiti finishes.

Sophisticated materials, such as high-density polyethylene and compact laminate (also called phenolic), provide maximum durability in the world of toilet partitions – but this robustness comes with a higher price. Customers with ample budgets are well served by an investment in HDPE or phenolic stalls if longevity is important. However, for shoppers with less money to spend, metal stalls offer good, entry-level durability at an attractive price. Unlike phenolic and HDPE, powder-coated metal partitions will pick up dents when struck with significant force. Similarly, when metal stalls become scratched, the damage is more difficult to conceal and may lead to corrosion if not correctly treated. Though this may seem problematic, it is essential to note that many public restroom environments are relatively sedate, where vandalism is concerned.

Planning for the worst is never a bad idea, but in religious facilities, private offices, and most employee-only areas, there is minimal risk of intentional damage. For these situations, metal partitions excel. Restrooms with respectful visitors are a perfect fit for metal stalls. Also, these are usually situations where the cost savings and simplicity of metal partitions are further benefits. Schools, bars, and hospitality settings, unfortunately, present a greater risk of graffiti and defacement. Though vandalism is possible anywhere, two good questions when assessing the risk of this type of trouble are: “Are your visitors in your building out of necessity?” and “Do you serve alcohol?” If the risk is present but still relatively low, perhaps metal stalls with an anti-graffiti finish would be worth considering.

Metal Partitions: The Fastest Option

An area where no other stall material matches metal partitions is turnaround time. For anyone who needs stalls fast: consider powder-coated steel first. Metal stalls in popular colors can be on their way to your business or job site within 24 hours. No other material is available that quickly. Note that color choices are limited to Almond, Linen, and Light Grey and that an upcharge does apply to orders processed through the Premium Quick Ship program. Transit time to your location after shipping will vary based on your distance from the nearest Hadrian shipping facility (there are two in North America – one on each coast).

If you need a color not available through the Premium Quick Ship program, you’ll still enjoy a short lead time and quick shipping. All other colors and finishes ship within 48 hours after ordering. How does this compare to other materials? Stainless steel (also made by Hadrian) also ships within 48 hours. High-pressure laminate and solid plastic have a one-week lead time, while solid phenolic ships two weeks after ordering.

Special features and high privacy configurations may increase these lead times significantly. Metal stalls are an excellent option for anyone needing partitions in a hurry, but please call first to confirm that we can accommodate your timeline. Rest assured, all orders are processed and shipped as quickly as possible. Lead times mentioned above assume a floor-mounted, overhead braced style. “Lead time” is the time required to manufacture and package your order. It depends on the material, finish, and mounting style choice. “Transit time” is the time required to ship your order from the manufacturer to you. As mentioned above, it varies based on your location.

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Often, there are better options than metal toilet partitions for customers with lofty budgets (along with high durability and style expectations). But, for the rest of us, metal stalls present a compelling blend of ruggedness and design flexibility, considering the low price point. Affordable products, like metal partitions, rarely provide so many benefits. For more information about powder-coated steel stalls (known to some as metal partitions), contact us by phone at 800-298-9696 or email at We’re happy to answer any questions or prepare a detailed quote for your project.