Scranton Products

Scranton Products

In the building specialty and toilet partition industries, Scranton Products is synonymous with solid plastic bathroom stalls. Architects, contractors, and other construction professionals make this association as a result of Scranton’s long history of manufacturing quality partitions using high-density polyethylene (also known as HDPE or solid plastic). Durability, privacy, aesthetics are all areas where Scranton Products excels. Partition Plus is pleased to offer competitive pricing on Scranton Products toilet partitions – making them an even better value.

HDPE is Tough, Versatile

No other toilet partition material offers the resilience and versatility of Scranton’s HDPE at a comparable price. For example, the only other commonly-available waterproof option is phenolic, which – for the same layout – typically costs thousands of dollars more than solid plastic. Distinctive surface textures and custom engraving are only available with HDPE. Solid plastic works well for partitions, as well as washroom vanities and personal lockers.

Exciting Colors and Textures, Style and Privacy

It’s rare for items to be beautiful as well as practical. Scranton Products’ partitions are both. Dozens of color and texture choices make it simple to perfectly coordinate HDPE stalls with restroom walls, floors, fixtures, and accessories.

Scranton offers three lines of toilet partitions to suit any facility. Hiny Hiders look familiar but are waterproof and more durable than steel or laminate stalls. Eclipse partitions pair elegant, European-inspired design flourishes with HDPE’s reliability. Scranton Products’ Aria cubicles are an innovative, maximum-privacy solution for public lavatories – accented floor-to-ceiling panels and full-height doors create separate spaces within multiuser washrooms.

Mindful of the Environment

Scranton Products’ manufacturing processes are environmentally friendly, incorporating both pre-consumer and post-consumer recycling.

While Scranton designs its HDPE products to withstand years of use, all partitions eventually reach “retirement age.” When the time comes to dismantle and discard Scranton-manufactured stalls, the material will be easily recyclable. It’ll require a minimum of effort to keep the partitions out of a landfill.

Additional Information

Ask the Partition Plus experts about Scranton Products’ solid plastic vanities and lockers – available in colors and textures to match Scranton’s HDPE toilet partitions. Shop our selection of replacement hardware for Scranton Products stalls below. You’ll find brackets, continuous brackets, hinges, continuous hinges, pilaster shoes, headrail, headrail brackets, headrail endcaps, strikes, keepers, and latches. For more, email or call 800-298-9696.

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