High Privacy Stainless Steel Bathroom Stalls

Our stainless steel bathroom stalls offer numerous privacy options – enough to suit anyone’s preferences. Have you thought about what level of privacy you want in your restrooms? Now is the time. At Partition Plus, we give you plenty of options. Here is a quick guide to all of the offered door/panel variants. As with all of our bathroom stalls, you can choose the colors you want to use. Continue reading to familiarize yourself with all of our available bathroom stall privacy options.

Photograph kindergarten age children.

Junior Height partitions allow caregiver assistance when needed.

Junior-Height Bathroom Stalls: Child-Friendly Privacy

First, we have junior-height bathroom stalls. Is your bathroom at a school or a place where young children frequent, like a playground? Junior-height bathroom partitions are for facilities where young children frequently use the bathroom. The doors in this style have a lower height than the standardized door and panel sizes to accommodate for young children who may struggle in an adult bathroom style. Because the stall walls are shorter, this style provides less privacy, but greater utility for caregivers.

  • The door of the junior-height stainless steel bathroom stall is 48 inches.
  • Many different mounting styles are available, such as headrail braced, floor mounted, and floor to ceiling configurations.
Photo of Standard Series bathroom stalls.

An example of standard series stalls.

Standard Series Restroom Stalls: Basic Privacy

Second, our standard series is the default configuration for our stainless steel bathroom units. Doors and panels are mounted 12 inches off of the floor to allow for privacy without complete enclosure. Learn About Standard Series

  • The door/panel height in our standard series is 58 inches.
  • Different mounting styles are available: headrail braced, ceiling hung, floor mounted, and floor to ceiling configurations.
  • For this product, 12 in-stock colors have a lead time of two to three days.
Photo of Elite Series bathroom partitions.

Elite Series stalls offer greater privacy

Elite Series Bathroom Stalls: Upgraded Privacy

Third, some facilities require more privacy than standard sizes allow. Enter the Elite Series. Customers looking for more privacy should choose the Elite Series to increase the size of their doors and panels. The Elite series minimizes the amount of viewable space by providing larger than usual doors and panels. This is because doors and panels are mounted only 6 inches off of the ground. Also, full-length channels are used in all gaps to ensure there is no way a person can see inside.

  • The door/panel height in our Elite Series is 64 inches.
  • Available in several mounting styles: headrail braced, ceiling hung, floor mounted, and floor to ceiling configurations.
Photo of Elite Plus Series toilet partitions.

Maximum privacy Elite Plus stalls.

Elite Plus Bathroom Partitions: Top Privacy

Fourth and finally, the Elite Series meets most privacy preferences. However, when the project or customer requires the highest level of privacy, we offer the Elite Plus system. It provides the utmost privacy. The door size runs 14 inches larger than the standard series bathroom dividers, and 8 inches larger than its Elite counterpart. It also has a 76-inch high panel, and the door and panel are mounted only 6 inches off of the ground. This system offers the highest level of privacy available for stainless steel bathroom stalls. Elite Plus is top-of-the-line

  • The door height in our Elite Plus design is 72 inches.
  • The panel height is 76 inches.
  • As always, several different mounting styles are available: headrail braced and floor to ceiling configurations.

In conclusion, After you decide how private you want your bathrooms, we can supply the style of stainless steel bathroom partitions that is right for you! For more information on the Elite and Elite Plus privacy options, call the friendly toilet partition experts at Partition Plus at 800-298-9696. Or, email us at sales@partitionplus.com.