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Bobrick wall-hung urinal screens greatly enhance washroom privacy. Choose from a range of finishes and several hardware styles:

  • Stirrup Brackets offer good support for urinal screens. Chrome-plated zamak hardware is sturdy and inexpensive.
  • Stainless Steel Brackets provide even more support than stirrup brackets. In addition to higher rigidity, they also increase corrosion resistance, compared to zinc-based alloys.

Bobrick’s high-pressure laminate, also called “plastic laminate,” is a popular material for toilet partitions and other types of bathroom dividers and screens. It consists of thin plastic sheets bonded to a fiber-based core (frequently particle board). The exterior plastic layer features an attractive color, pattern, or simulated texture – it is also highly scratch and impact resistant. The heat and intense pressure present during manufacturing permanently fuse the plastic and fiber elements. As long as high-pressure laminate is kept dry and properly maintained, it lasts many years.

Choose from over 35 fashionable laminate schemes, including neutral tones, elegant textures, woodgrain patterns, and bright solids. View our color charts for a complete list of options. Note that premium colors carry an upcharge and may increase lead time.

Wall-hung urinal screens are ideal for restrooms where space is limited. Because no part of the screen touches the floor, routine maintenance and cleaning are unaffected. This design also takes up less room between urinals, as it does not include the 6″ wide support pilaster integrated into floor-mounted systems. Wall-hung screens work best in churches, employee washrooms, and gently-used facilities. They are also the least expensive mounting option. For heavily-trafficked restrooms – like those in bars, restaurants, and publicly accessible facilities – consider a floor-mounted screen.

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Installing your own plastic laminate urinal screen? Download Installation Instructions for Bobrick Urinal Screens (PDF)

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12" x 42", 12" x 48", 18" x 42", 18" x 48", 24" x 42", 24" x 48", 20" x 42" (+$5.00), 20" x 48" (+$5.00)


Zamak Stirrup Brackets, Stainless Steel Brackets (+$38.50)


Designer White, Natural Almond, Beige, Otter, Shadow, Slate Grey, Moonstone, Grey, Platinum, Mouse, Terril, Black, White Carrara, Natural Weft, Flax Gauze, Desert Zephyr, Cardboard Solidz, Pewter Mesh, Sheer Mesh, Classic Linen, Citadel Warp, White Ash, Danish Maple, Millenium Oak, Bleached Legno, Smoky Brown Pear, Blackened Steel, Satin Stainless (+$41.00), Field Elm (+$41.00)