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Shop our range of paper towel dispensers. Choose from surface, recess, or countertop mounting. We offer units that accept roll, c-fold, and multi-fold paper towels. Need to coordinate your towel dispenser with other washroom accessories? Partition Plus sells the complete range of Bobrick dispensers, including items from Contura, Matrix, Trimline, and Classic series.

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Showing all 33 results

Paper towels, delivered via a dispenser system, provide the best hand drying experience for many bathroom users. Paper towel dispensers are quick, quiet, hygienic, and relatively inexpensive.

paper towel dispensers

Paper towel dispensers offer numerous benefits.

Speed, Silence, and Convenience at a Low Cost

For bathroom visitors in a hurry, few solutions are quicker than paper towels. A sufficient quantity of paper towels will remove water within seconds of being dispensed. Users needn’t remain at the paper towel dispenser either. Towels allow hand drying on-the-go and are discardable anywhere.

Unlike hand dryers, towel dispensers produce no loud noises. Most machines are entirely silent. When they do emit sound, it is quiet and brief, occurring only when the dispensing mechanism is activated. For this reason, towels are ideally suited to schools, libraries, churches, and other sound-sensitive environments.

Some dispensers use levers, wheels, buttons, or other physical controls, but a majority use infrared sensors. The sensors detect when hands are near the towel outlet. As no physical contact is involved, sensor-based control systems limit the spread of disease-causing microorganisms. As of this writing, controversy surrounds claims that hand dryers inadvertently blow micro organism laden water droplets throughout bathrooms. Even if the facts are inaccurate, adequately disposed of paper towels are tidier than water droplets falling to the floor below hand dryers.

Taken individually, dispensers and replacement paper towels are inexpensive. Over time, the costs can add up. But in bathrooms seeing limited use, this can take quite a long time. Blower components, installation costs, and electric power make a hand dryer expensive very quickly.

hand washing helps eliminate germs

Hand washing helps eliminate germs.

The Pitfalls of Hand Dryers

The major competitors to paper towels are hand dryers. Unfortunately, hand dryers are fraught with problems. The primary issue is that they require patience to operate. In reality, it is difficult to say precisely how long either method requires to dry hands. What constitutes “dry hands” is relative to the bathroom user. However, most individuals who have used both ways would agree that drying hands with paper towels can be accomplished in less time than with a hand dryer.

They also produce significant noise. As of this writing, controversy surrounds claims that hand dryers inadvertently blow micro organism laden water droplets throughout bathrooms. Initially, the cost of ownership is higher for hand dryers.

Conversely, many experienced restroom operators claim that paper towels are significantly more wasteful and expensive than hand dryers. While “environmental impact” is difficult to define or objectively measure, paper towels will undoubtedly create more trash in restrooms. Ultimately, the best choice depends on the specific circumstance.

Partition Plus carries a range of paper towel dispensers. With all popular mounting styles, towel styles, and mechanical designs represented, you’ll be sure to find the perfect unit for your project.

Hand washing removes micro organisms from hands.

Micro organisms spread disease.

Mounting Style

Recessed dispensers can make compact bathrooms feel much roomier. Units are typically quite large to provide room for extra paper towels. Why take up valuable “air space” near the restrooms vanity and sinks? Countertop models are available, as well. This design also conserves space. Paper towels are available right at the vanity surface, just inches from the sink basin. If space-savings are not a primary concern, a range of wall mounted paper towel systems are available. While these dispensers require more space, they are straightforward to install, restock, and maintain.

Towel Style

Janitorial supply services offer numerous styles of towels, with most in roll, c-fold, or multi-fold format. It is difficult to say, with universal certainty, which system represents the best investment. Usage patterns, personal preference, and towel costs should factor heavily into a purchaser’s eventual decision. For instance, imagine a situation where multi-fold towels, and the accompanying dispenser, are significantly more expensive than a comparable roll-based system. If this dispenser is used infrequently by a group of people with a strong preference for folded paper towels, it could be a better choice, despite the price premium.


As with so many other product features, manufacturers build multiple sizes to suit different use cases. Higher capacity dispensers reduce the time between refills, but they complicate issues of vandalism and waste. Should a vandal successfully break open a high capacity unit, the maintenance staff could end up with a considerable mess on their hands. There’s also the possibility that a high capacity dispenser could encourage more aggressive paper towel consumption.


Depending on the exact materials involved, mass-produced “plastic” components can be stronger than comparable “metal” assemblies. Thus, ignoring a product made from plastic, when a metal alternative is available, is a somewhat outdated and unwise judgment. Plastic-bodied paper towel dispensers offer some advantages over stainless steel models. Usually, they are less expensive. Some plastic dispensers use clear cases. Towels contained within stay safe and dry, but maintenance staff can easily spot a unit that is running low on towels. While inexpensive plastic towel dispensers usually operate just as well as metal or stainless steel units, many shoppers prefer stainless because of its looks. Stainless steel, especially in the public bathroom environment, is associated with luxury, professionalism, and cleanliness. In a case of judging a book by its cover, the look of many stainless steel paper towel units is more critical than functionality.

Design & Series

Purchasing Bobrick accessories, when possible, presents a unique opportunity to coordinate the appearance of all washroom accessories. Bobrick offers nearly every product required to outfit a public restroom comfortably. The Contura, Matrix, Classic, and TrimLine series span their entire product catalog. For instance, all Contura series accessories use the same industrial design cues. A Contura towel dispenser will undoubtedly complement a Contura soap dispenser.