Excel XLERATOR Hand Dryer


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Excel Dryer


The XLERATOR hand dryer – Excel’s most popular series – is used in restrooms around the world. Few other models offer the same combination of fast drying and energy efficiency. XLERATOR is unmatched in its ability to completely dry hands in 8 seconds, while consuming 80 percent less energy than typical hand dryers. Restroom operators will enjoy 95 percent cost savings versus stocking paper towels, according to Excel.

  • Overall dimensions of 11 ¾” (298mm) wide by 12 11/16” (322mm) high
  • Projects 6 11/16” (170mm) from finish face of wall
  • Qualifies for several LEED credits
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty
  • Made In USA Certified

Can’t find what you need? Have questions about XLERATOR hand dryers? Call us at 1-800-298-9696 or email us at sales@partitionplus.com.

Thumbnail of the XLERATOR Hand Dryer Specification Sheet PDF

Read more about the features and specifications (PDF) of the XLERATOR hand dryer. New enhanced standard features include adjustable speed and sound control, adjustable heat settings, multi-voltage options, and a service LED.

Thumbnail of the XLERATOR Options and Accessories PDF

A range of options (PDF) let you tailor the XLERATOR to your needs. Meet accessibility requirements with the Recess Kit, protect restroom walls using Antimicrobial Wall Guards, and easily replace a towel dispenser and waste bin combination unit using the XChanger Retrofit Kit.

Thumbnail of the XLERATOR Custom Covers PDF

Easily customize your XLERATOR (PDF) with your corporate branding, environmental messaging, team colors, or organization logo. Any high-resolution image can be placed on XLERATOR covers. All DuPont powder coat paint colors are offered. Metallic PVD coatings are also available.

Available SKUs Include: XL-BW-110-120V, XL-BW-1.1N-110-120V, XL-W-110-120V, XL-W-1.1N-110-120V, XL-GR-110-120V, XL-GR-1.1N-110-120V, XL-SP-110-120V, XL-SP-1.1N-110-120V, XL-SI-110-120V, XL-SI-1.1N-110-120V, XL-C-110-120V, XL-C-1.1N-110-120V, XL-SB-110-120V, XL-SB-1.1N-110-120V, XL-SB-SI-110-120V, XL-SB-SI-1.1N-110-120V, XL-BW-208-277V, XL-BW-1.1N-208-277V, XL-W-208-277V, XL-W-1.1N-208-277V, XL-GR-208-277V, XL-GR-1.1N-208-277V, XL-SP-208-277V, XL-SP-1.1N-208-277V, XL-SI-208-277V, XL-SI-1.1N-208-277V, XL-C-208-277V, XL-C-1.1N-208-277V, XL-SB-208-277V, XL-SB-1.1N-208-277V, XL-SB-SI-208-277V, XL-SB-SI-1.1N-208-277V, XL-BW-230V, XL-BW-1.1N-230V, XL-W-230V, XL-W-1.1N-230V, XL-GR-230V, XL-GR-1.1N-230V, XL-SP-230V, XL-SP-1.1N-230V, XL-SI-230V, XL-SI-1.1N-230V, XL-C-230V, XL-C-1.1N-230V, XL-SB-230V, XL-SB-1.1N-230V, XL-SB-SI-230V, XL-SB-SI-1.1N-230V. Other options available.

Additional information

Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 6.6875 × 11.75 × 12.3125 in

White Thermoset Resin (BMC), White Epoxy Painted (+$50.00), Graphite Textured Painted (+$80.00), Custom Special Paint (+$100.00), Custom Special Image (+$155.00), Chrome Plated (+$345.00), Brushed Stainless Steel (+$315.00), Brushed Stainless Steel with Custom Special Image (+$390.00)

Noise Reduction

None, 1.1" Noise Reduction Nozzle


110-120V 50/60 Hz, 208-277V 50/60 Hz, 230V 50 Hz