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The Airblade 9KJ hand dryer is Dyson’s newest hand dryer offering the latest technology and some of the best drying ability on the market. The slim and compact design makes it a great fit for almost any bathroom and it’s operating costs can be as little as $19 per year, an incredible deal compared to the over $1,000 it can take to stock and maintain a paper towel dispenser. The Airblade 9KJ also offers these other benefits:

  • Switch between two modes: Max (900W) or Eco (650W)
  • 10 (max) – 12 (eco) second dry time
  • Dyson’s quietest hand dryer yet
  • Eco-conscious, with a CO₂ output of as little as 2.5g per use

Like many of its other high-tech counterparts, the Airblade 9KJ is a touch free hand dryer. It’s 388 mile-per-hour sheets of air gently scrape water from your hands in as little as ten seconds. For those looking to use eco mode, the sheets of air slow to 337 mph but still leave hands dry in only twelve seconds. Users can also have confidence that the whole process is hygienic due to the built in HEPA filter which captures 99.7% of particles including bacteria and viruses. All of these facts leave the Dyson Airblade 9KJ an excellent choice for anyone looking for a hand dryer for their bathroom.

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Learn more about the Dyson Airblade 9KJ (PDF). Notable features include the touch free activation and two separate modes for increased versatility.

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