Powder Coated Steel – Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning a bathroom is no one’s favorite task, but the fact is that is needs to get done. The good news is that Partition Plus’ powder coated steel bathroom stalls are easy to clean and maintain for years of use. To begin, here are the basic steps for cleaning and maintaining your unit to keep it in the best possible condition:

  • Gently remove any dirt using a soft cloth. The sooner the better, so make sure someone stays on top of new stains and grime in your bathroom stalls.
  • We recommend using warm water and a mild cleaner for surfaces with spotting as a result of perspiration, soil, or grease. Make sure the surface is rinsed with regular water thoroughly to remove and residue that may be left behind by the cleaner. Finally, remove the excess moisture on the powder coated steel to complete the cleaning process.
  • Maintain the clean appearance of your hardware with the regular use of a non-abrasive cleaner and a dampened cloth.
  • We offer anti-graffiti powder coatings on certain finishes. Specialized graffiti removers can safely be used on these to immediately and efficiently remove graffiti from sprays, permanent marker, and more.
Photograph of hands in soapy bucket.

When cleaning powder coated toilet partitions, use only soft cloths and sponges.

Maintaining Your Bathroom Stall

You want to regularly inspect the bathroom stall structure to verify its integrity. Before you begin cleaning, it is essential to make sure all of the hardware is where it though be and in place. Make sure to take other basic maintenance steps like:

  • Tightening all screws that might be loose
  • Ensure that the top door pin is flush with the hinge top

Taking these easy steps will help reduce any damage that might be done to your bathroom stalls, and it also prevents accident or injury in case something is out of place.

Setting Up For Long-Lasting Toilet Stalls

When you purchase a powder coated steel bathroom stall, you want to make sure you are making an investment that will last for years to come. Like with anything, such as your car, kitchen appliances, or your own bathroom at home, steps need to be taken to ensure that things will work well in the long run. Here are our top tips.

  • Make sure that surfaces are kept dry. Check for leaks, accidents, and spills and make sure to clean them up and fix the problem as soon as possible.
  • You want to ensure that the surface of your restroom stall and urinal screen is dry before you ever apply a liquid cleaner.
  • If your bathroom partition is located in a place with high humidity, make sure that it is washed and dried regularly to prevent things like cracks and mold.
  • If your restroom stall is in a shower room, we recommend that you add a coating of paste wax to further prevent moisture damage.
  • Regularly inspect each part of your powder coated bathroom stall for scratches and other wear and tear so that you can attend to the problem as soon as possible rather than waiting for it to get worse.

Cleaning and maintenance should be done regularly to avoid bigger problems in the future. Our powder coated steel bathrooms are built to last and withstand the test of time, but the more care you give it, the longer each part will maintain its fresh, clean look. Make sure to use the correct products for cleaning, avoiding chemicals that are extremely harsh or leaving chemicals on for too long. With the right care, you’ll continue to impress your clients with your bathroom for years to come. Contact us with any toilet partition cleaning questions: 800-298-9696 or sales@partitionplus.com.