Plastic Restroom Partitions

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Plastic restroom partitions lead the pack in innovation and value.

Plastic restroom partitions are great for the environment. They never require painting – during manufacturing or after installation. As such, there are no paint-related VOCs emitted. Unlike powder-coated metal or laminated wood products, the color of solid plastic comes from the material itself. Plastic panels are the same color at their core as on the surface. Also, used plastic partitions are entirely recyclable when they’ve reached the end of their useful life – which will be decades after they are purchased, assuming they are properly cleaned and maintained. Plastic stalls include a minimum of 25% recycled content. Old HDPE (high-density polyethylene) from various products is ground, processed, and molded into new partitions. Environmentally-conscious customers may order plastic stalls made from 100% post-consumer recycled material. Typically, recycled building material products qualify for LEED credits. However, everyone benefits from solid plastic’s small ecological footprint.

Engraved Plastic Restroom Partitions

Scranton Products, one of the industry’s leading plastic restroom partition manufacturers, sells custom engraved stalls. Perfect for athletic and corporate facilities, these unique partitions ship from the factory with your team or company logo (or other graphics) carved directly into the door or panel plastic. Choose from one or two color engraving. One-color engraving is subtle, adding a tasteful design detail that’s noticeable, but isn’t distracting. Scranton’s two-color process works well for logos and graphics that should be prominent. They achieve the effect by engraving a plastic panel that has contrasting colored plastic beneath its surface. For instance, the panel’s front and back are black, but the middle layer is bright blue. When engraved, the eye-catching blue is exposed. Scranton offers several standard color combinations, such as beige with green interior, yellow with red, and black with white. Completely custom color combinations are possible, but minimums and upcharges will apply.

For applications where logos, graphics, and text aren’t necessary, signature engraved solid plastic adds refinement to restroom partitions. Signature Engraved Hiny Hiders have the appearance of a frame and panel door. The collection includes six styles, many with differing numbers and arrangements of faux panels. Some designs include arched panels for an incredibly unique look. Most often, signature engraved components complement traditional decor styles and conservative interior design. However, the machined plastic may also blend well with understated contemporary designs. One thing is sure, engraved doors and panels improve stalls’ appearance.

Plenty of Additional Benefits

Plastic restroom partitions offer many standard benefits as well. First among these is that they last for years upon years. Partition Plus sells solid plastic products backed by 25-year guarantees. Second, plastic is easy to maintain. It will never absorb water. Because it isn’t porous, it won’t absorb water, leading to staining or structural damage. Dirt and grime typically wipe away with warm water, gentle soap, and a soft cloth. The material itself will never fail due to rust, delamination, or any other moisture-related issue. Third, plastic resists vandalism. Often, attempted graffiti wipes away – pen, marker, paint, and stickers won’t adhere well. Scratches or scuffs aren’t highly visible because solid plastic is the same color throughout. Unlike metal or laminate, there is no external surface that vandals can cut through to deface the stall. Any unfortunate cuts or gashes will appear the same color as the rest of the partition.

For More Information

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