Plastic Laminate Partitions

Plastic Laminate Color Swatches
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Consider plastic laminate partitions for your bathroom renovation project.

Plastic laminate partitions are experiencing a renaissance. For decades, “Formica” – the genericized trademark representing all plastic laminates – was considered a dirty word. It’s mention elicited thoughts of unrefined furniture and kitchen cabinets. Put another way, Formica looked cheap and developed a reputation problem as a result. However, in the 21st century, Formica, Nevamar, Fundermax, and other laminate manufacturers have greatly enhanced their products. The myriad of appearance and quality improvements make plastic laminates an excellent choice for toilet partitions and other bathroom dividers. PLAM (pronounced “pea-lamb”) – slang for plastic laminate partitions – is a perfect option because of its low cost, visual appeal, and durability.


First, relative to stainless steel, solid phenolic, reinforced composite, and HDPE plastic, laminate partitions are inexpensive. The only cheaper material is powder-coated steel. Laminate offers much more design flexibility than powder-coated steel, as it comes in dozens of exciting finishes. Powder-coated stalls are limited to approximately twelve solid colors. More expensive partition materials are more durable – unlike plastic laminate, they are waterproof. Moisture is hugely damaging to inexpensive toilet partitions.

Top Design Flexibility

Second, the massive range of available laminate finishes means that this material can work in almost any restroom type. Whether you’re seeking a bright solid color, modern faux wood, or flecked stone pattern, our manufacturers offer a laminate to suit your needs. Many laminate finishes complement traditional interior design styles, like what you’d find in a church or hospital. Many other laminates are eye-catching, perfect for creating a vibrant atmosphere. This adaptability is what we mean when saying plastic laminate provides “design flexibility.”

Superior Durability in Plastic Laminate Partitions

Third, depending on your restroom environment, plastic laminate partitions can provide superior durability. Avoid using plastic laminate in excessively moist environments. It isn’t ideal for toilet partitions located near showers, pools, or other humid areas. If your space is somewhat dry, plastic laminate can excel. High impact and scratch resistance are two significant aspects of plastic laminate durability. Compared with similarly priced metal partitions, plastic laminate requires much more force to dent or scratch. Laminate’s endurance in these areas exceeds much more costly HDPE plastic and stainless steel. Both are quite “soft,” compared to plastic laminate stalls. Because of its hardness, laminate surfaces hold up well when cleaned – even when vandalism or major messes call for aggressive cleaning.

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