Wood Top Benches

Locker room bench



Locker room benches offer a place to rest after a rough workout or practice. Or, provide a place to rest sporting equipment before or after physical activity. Adding benches to locker rooms provides seating to individuals who use the locker room on a daily basis. And, help to transform a locker room into a more comfortable and usable space. Partition’s Plus offers a number of locker room bench options including wood top benches.

Material choice is an important part of choosing the locker room bench that best fits your needs. Whether you’re looking for locker room benches for a school, public gym, or even professional team locker room, we have a solution that meets your needs! That’s because we offer wood top benches which can withstand all that a locker room may put them up against.  

The Benefits of Choosing Wood Top Benches

A Great Choice and Look for Any Locker Room: Wood top benches offer a sleek and modern look to locker rooms. Whatever color scheme a locker room may be, wood top benches offer an alternative to matching lockers. And, look and perform great; as you should expect!

Low Maintenance: Our wood top benches don’t require much maintenance. Since they’re lacquer coated, they never have to be repainted or finished.

Durable: Our wood top benches are tested to withstand all that happens in a locker room. That means they are resistant to water, sweat, damage from cleaning products, and stains.

ADA Compliant Option: We provide ADA compliant benches for those who need them. For benches compliant with the American Disabilities Act, simply select 16” or 18” deep bench backs and 20” or 24” deep seats. And, implement bench brackets to hold the backs into place.

Two Pedestal Options for Wood Top Benches

When it comes to wood top bench pedestals, there are a couple options to choose from. Pedestal options for wood top locker room benches include:

A. Heavy Duty Bench Pedestal: This type of pedestal is a steel tube which attaches to two flanges; one on the bottom of the bench and one on the floor. Once the pedestal is attached to the bench, it must be bolted onto the floor for safety. The heavy-duty bench pedestal measures 16-1/4” high. Locker room benches require at least two of these pedestals. And, ADA compliant benches require at least four.

B. Stainless Steel Freestanding Pedestal: Rather than having to be bolted down, this pedestal gives the option for relocation. This is because it offers a wide base to provide the option for freestanding benches. However, they also include holes to provide the option for bolting down if required. The pedestal measures 16-1/4”.bench-pedistal-types

Get Your Wood Top Benches

Like the convenience and look of wood top benches? Consider Partitions Plus for your locker room bench needs. Along with wood top benches, we offer a number of solid plastic bench styles to choose from. Have questions about locker room bench types, styles, and functionality? We can answer any of the questions you may have through our website contact form or by phone at 410-343-9660.