Solid Plastic Benches


Partition’s Plus offers the best in plastic locker room bench options. With a number of styles and colors to choose from, you can be sure the plastic benches you choose look and perform great. All of our plastic locker room bench options are durable, long lasting, and offer a unifying look to tie your locker room look together.  

Tufftec Plastic Locker Room Benches

Here at Partition’s Plus, we offer products from only the best and most reputable manufacturers. That’s why we offer Tufftec Lockers and Locker Room Benches. Tufftec has over 30 years experience offering lockers and locker room benches for every need. And, have built a reputation of offering the best locker room products for every industry around the world.

Mainly, Tufftec has built such a strong reputation by developing the solid plastic used in developing their locker room products; HDPE. HDPE, or high-density polyethylene, is a type of plastic that is built to offer a number of quality benefits and outlive the life of other traditional materials utilized in locker room bench development.

Why Choose Tufftec Plastic Benches Over Other Materials?

Other bench materials like aluminum or even powder coated steel may rust or warp over time. They may also be susceptible to vandalism with graffiti and paint chipping. However, choosing the HDPE locker room benches from Tufftec means better sustainability, no repurchasing due to vandalism, and reduced maintenance. HDPE has been tested thoroughly, and through these tests has proven to be more durable and a better choice compared to standard metal locker room benches.


A Great Addition to Tufftec Lockers

If you’re thinking of investing in Tufftec Lockers, or you already have, Tufftec locker room benches are a great addition. This is because they’re made from the same HDPE material and offer the same benefits. Plus, HDPE is color blended to offer 15 standard colors which are available in both locker and bench options.

Choosing Tufftec Plastic Benches is Eco-Friendly

Along with the durability that Tufftec HDPE locker room benches offer, they also provide sustainability. Because HDPE is so durable and is resistant to wear and tear, they rarely need replacing. This means using fewer materials to develop and maintain locker rooms over the years. Plus, all of the Tufftec products made from HDPE are 100% recycled and made with 100% recycled plastic. Finally, because HDPE is colored during development, locker room benches don’t have to be painted. This eliminates the potential risk of breathing air poisoned by paint particles inside your locker room environment.

Get Your Tufftec Locker Room Benches from Partition’s Plus

Think that Tufftec plastic locker room benches may be a great addition to your locker room, gym, or another facility? These heavy-duty benches can provide your space with more comfortability and usage. Plus, they can offer a well-deserved place to rest after athletic activities. If you’re ready to get started, we can get started on coming up with a free, no obligation quote for your locker room project today! Simply contact us on our website to tell us more about your project requirements and needs.