Video Call Partition Plus

We Offer Live Video Demos

The Partition Plus team is available for video calls on most popular devices – iPhones, iPads, Android phones, and standard computers. Want to see a partition demonstration? Need to show us the stalls you’re replacing? Have an installation question while in the field? A quick and easy video call is the perfect solution. If a single picture is worth a thousand words, imagine all you’ll gain during a video call!

Call Now to Get Started

  • Call 800-298-9696 to let us know how you’d like to connect.
  • Within minutes, you’ll be on a video call using FaceTime, Google Meet, or a similar service.
  • Discuss partition materials and hardware with our experts. Ask us any questions!
  • Optionally, share video of your existing partitions or project space with us.

We keep samples and scaled-down partition units on hand for easy video demonstrations. Do you have a particular color in mind for your bathroom stalls? Let us show you a color sample under bright lights, florescent bulbs, or other “real world” conditions. A live video call is a great way to discuss available customization options, like engraving. Video calls also let you share with us. Many questions are easier to answer when we can see the customer’s project space or in-progress installation.

Other Ways to Connect

Visit our YouTube channel to view our library of prerecorded video content. Video calling is just one way to connect with us. Reach Partition Plus using these other methods.