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Partition Plus sells the complete range of Bobrick toilet stalls, including PRIVADA Cubicles, Evolve Cubicles, and traditional partitions. PRIVADA and Evolve feature European-inspired designs with high-privacy features. Despite the conventional appearance of their traditional partition configurations, Bobrick carefully engineers these products for high-durability and a pleasing appearance. Bobrick‘s traditional partitions are ideal for educational facilities, busy attractions, industrial facilities, and office buildings. Customers can choose from numerous materials: DuraLineSeries® CGL, SierraSeries® SCRC, DesignerSeries™ HPL, TrimLineSeries™ HPL, and Budget HPL Series. Privacy options for traditional partitions include gap-free doors and stiles. Extra-tall panels and doors are available as well. Most importantly – for many customers – Bobrick’s traditional partitions are budget-friendly.

Bobrick Toilet Stall Materials

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with Bobrick toilet stall materials and developed an understanding of your facility’s needs, selecting a stall material and material finish is a simple process. Bobrick manufactures traditional partitions in the following materials:

Compact Grade Laminate (CGL)

Also known as “phenolic,” compact grade laminate consists of multiple layers of resin-soaked kraft paper sandwiched between an outer layer of plastic laminate. All of the layers and laminate skin are fused under high heat and pressure to produce a solid material. The resulting material is totally waterproof, scratch-resistant, and extremely strong. Manufacturers use the full range of laminate finishes for the outer skin, including solid colors, faux stone, and wood grains. Bobrick toilet stalls in CGL feature either a Class A (1180) or Class B (1080) fire rating.

Solid Color Reinforced Composite (SCRC)

Bobrick manufactures SierraSeries solid color reinforced composite similarly to phenolic (fiber-based materials set in hard resin), but they colorize the inner layers (the “core”) to match the surface. Should the outer layers of the reinforced composite become scratched, the mark is less apparent. SierraSeries Bobrick toilet stalls are only available in a handful of beige/tan finishes, but all are incredibly durable. The 1090 SierraSeries carries a Class B fire rating.

High-Pressure Laminate (HPL)

High-pressure laminate is the least expensive material for Bobrick toilet stalls. Rather than a composite core, high-pressure laminate partition components use a particleboard core. The plastic laminate outer layer provides rigidity and aesthetic appeal, but durability is lower than compact laminate or reinforced composite. The laminate itself is strong but may separate from the inner layers if they absorb water from a moist environment, such as a room with showers or exposure to a swimming pool. 1030 and 1040 series partitions carry a Class B fire rating.

Class-Leading Privacy Features

Many privacy features are available for Bobrick toilet stalls under the “traditional partition” umbrella. DuraLineSeries and SierraSeries stalls are available with extended height 84″ to 96″ doors and panels positioned just 1″ above the floor. All series are available with 72″ doors and panels, sitting 4-5/16″ off the floor. These are both upgrades from the standard door and panel height of 58″ with 1′ floor clearance. Similarly, interlocking sightline-free components are available on DuraLineSeries and SierraSeries partitions.

Excellent Value in Toilet Partitions

Compared with stainless steel stalls from other manufacturers, or Bobrick’s more elaborate cubicle styles, traditional partition systems are low cost. Customers purchasing standard partitions receive a product supported by Bobrick’s time-tested expertise in design and materials. The result is a durable, easy-to-install system. High-pressure laminate, compact laminate, and reinforced composites also provide design flexibility. In short, though traditional Bobrick toilet stalls may be lower cost, they are undoubtedly high value.

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