Bathroom Stalls for Offices

Bathroom Stalls for Offices

Need bathroom partitions for your office that will add to the professional atmosphere The experts from Partition Plus are here to help. Check out our recommendations below or contact us to find the perfect selection for your restroom.

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The Needs of Office Bathrooms

Office bathrooms are sometimes purposely designed to be uncomfortable to minimize the amount of time employees want to spend in them. However, having a comfortable private location to use the restroom contributes to the overall environment of the office and satisfaction of employees. There are a few factors that offices often take into consideration when purchasing bathroom stalls.

  • Privacy: Providing a private space for employees to take a bathroom break can be a great benefit to employee satisfaction. Offices may be interested in high privacy options that eliminate gaps on either side of the doors. Larger panel sizes that shrink the space between the stall and the floor are also available.
  • Design: Many offices aim to create a cohesive design throughout their building and the bathrooms should be no exception. Some offices prefer cool neutrals and a modern aesthetic while others choose warmer colors and a more traditional look. Whatever the look of choice is there are toilet partitions to match the design without breaking the bank.
  • Maintenance: Good looking stalls lose their appeal if they start looking broken down and dirty. Many offices look for stalls that don’t get damaged easily and are easy to clean and maintain if they do. The stalls we have recommended are durable and have simple cleaning and DIY repair options.

With these aspects in mind the team at Partition Plus recommends the following choices when selecting bathroom stalls for offices.

The Best Toilet Partitions for Offices

Create Your Office’s Restroom with Partition Plus

Office bathrooms should be easy to make comfortable and functional for employees. Here at Partition Plus we have experts ready to help you make the best selection for your office.

Partition Plus has over 25 years of experience building the best bathrooms in the country. Our team is dedicated to giving you professional and expert quality help for jobs big and small. When you work with us you can count on getting a free quote that fits your needs quickly and without obligation.

If you’re still uncertain about what materials or layout you want for your bathroom, or if you have any other questions, call our team today. We look forward to working with you.

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