Stainless Steel Toilet Partitions

Graphic for Stainless Steel Toilet Partitions

Stainless steel toilet partitions add style to bathrooms.

Stainless steel toilet partitions offer many advantages, and they’re an excellent option for offices, shops, restaurants, and churches planning restrooms with a contemporary design. Stainless toilet partitions provide many benefits. The first among them is that stainless stalls elevate the appearance of any facility. Second, stainless steel is durable and goes into partition systems that are built-to-last. Manufacturers craft stainless steel stalls with long-term service as the aim. They hold up well while requiring minimal maintenance. Third, stainless provides top-notch fire resistance. In the unfortunate circumstance of a fire, the inflammable steel will resist combustion and inhibit the fire’s spread. If – given the design, durability, and safety advantages – you feel stainless steel would be a good fit for your restroom partitions, please contact us for a fast, convenient quote.

Built to the Highest Standards

Hadrian and other stainless partition firms engineer and manufacture these stalls to the highest standards. The metal itself is robust, but the design and material offer additional advantages. Unlike other metal dividers, stainless steel toilet partitions feature welded corners and seams. This extra reinforcement helps strengthen panels and seal out moisture. Trapped liquids create a home for bacteria and other microscopic creatures that emit bad smells. Stainless is easy to resurface, unlike plastic laminate and solid plastic. Damaged stainless benefits from light abrasives and polishes that help restore the grain and luster of the metal. There are no coatings that would prevent refinishing. Solid plastic is more challenging to repair because the surface is less smooth and relatively soft. Plastic laminate-faced materials (phenolic or high-pressure laminate) are difficult to mend because they are multilayered.

As mentioned earlier on this page, stainless steel toilet partitions are commonly associated with minimalist, contemporary decor styles. While stainless steel and “modern” design go well together, the material works just as well with conservative decor styles. In such spaces, the steel seems less “flashy” and more “functional” or “professional.” And because stainless steel’s brushed metallic finish picks up tones and hues from the surrounding room, it can fit into a range of building styles and types.

Fire Safety with Stainless Toilet Partitions

When planning new construction or building renovations, fire safety is an important consideration – even though most end users can’t appreciate it. Of common toilet partition materials, stainless steel toilet partitions hold some of the best fire ratings. In a typical building fire, the steel itself will not catch fire, and the arrangement of vertical panels that form compartments will help limit the fire’s spread through the restroom.

Other Stainless Benefits

The benefits of stainless steel toilet partitions aren’t limited to style, durability, and fire resistance. Other perks include the availability of privacy-enhancing upgrades and ADA-compliant features. Privacy accessories include continuous hinges, full-length brackets, extra tall panels, privacy strips, and extended height doors. Accessibility-friendly aspects of stainless steel include optional 60″ by 60″ sized stalls, barrier-free (easy-to-use) hardware, and wide (wheelchair-friendly) doors.

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