Stainless Steel Bathroom Partitions

Stainless Steel Partitions and Features
Graphic for Stainless Steel Bathroom Partitions

Various elements of stainless steel bathroom partitions.

There are few better options than stainless steel for customers seeking durable, stylish, and safe toilet partitions. Stainless toilet partitions provide many benefits. First is that stainless stalls elevate the appearance of any facility. Second, stainless steel is durable and built-to-last – it holds up well while requiring minimal maintenance. Third, stainless provides top-notch fire resistance. In a fire, the inflammable steel will resist combustion and inhibit the fire’s spread.

A Durable Material, Stalls Built-to-Last

As you’d expect from this premium material, manufacturers build stainless steel bathroom partitions to high standards. Welded seams and corners ensure the panels stay sanitary and sturdy. A tight seal prevents liquids from becoming trapped within panels, doors, and pilasters. When water enters and sits within components, it breeds odor-causing microorganisms. Moisture also degrades the material itself over time – even robust metals like stainless steel.

Stainless is easy to resurface, unlike plastic laminate and solid plastic. Damaged stainless benefits from light abrasives and polishes that help restore the grain and luster of the metal. There are no coatings that would prevent refinishing. Solid plastic is more challenging to repair because the surface is less smooth and relatively soft. Plastic laminate-faced materials (phenolic or high-pressure laminate) are challenging to mend because they are multilayered.

Stainless Steel Bathroom Partitions are Design-Friendly

Treat visitors to the luxury of stainless steel bathroom partitions. This material transforms “employee restrooms” into “executive washrooms.” The top-of-the-line finish compliments modern and traditional decors – quality materials blend with all interior styles. For buildings with contemporary designs, the stainless steel feels flashy and futuristic. When placed in traditional surroundings, the stainless falls into the background and feels utilitarian. See more photography of stainless steel partitions on the Hadrian Manufacturing website.

Industry-Leading Fire Safety

The fire safety rating of a public bathroom isn’t top-of-mind for most visitors. However, safety must be a priority for anyone operating a building with publicly accessible facilities. Stainless steel bathroom partitions typically hold the most desirable fire ratings among competing materials. The steel itself won’t catch fire, under normal circumstances, and a typical toilet partition configuration significantly inhibits the spread of flames.

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