Excel Anti-Microbial Wall Guards


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Excel Dryer


Protect the wall surface below your hand dryer with Excel Anti-Microbial Wall Guards. While these wall guards can be used with any hand dryer, the finish and style perfectly complement Excel XLERATOR and Excel ThinAir commercial hand dryers. Excel Anti-Microbial Wall Guards ensure the water droplets blown off of wet hands don’t damage your walls or wall finish. The inert stainless steel surfaces and Microban plastic surfaces of these wall guards inhibit the growth of illness causing bacteria.

  • Pricing shown is for 1 box of 2 wall guards
  • Offered in white (89W) and black (89B) plastic, and stainless steel (89S)
  • White and black models made from Microban anti-microbial plastic
  • Installs with construction grade 3M adhesive tape (4 strips)
  • Wall guard measures 31 1/4″ tall by 15 3/4″ wide by 1/16″ thick
  • Download the Excel Anti-Microbial Wall Guards Spec Sheet (PDF)

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions .0625 × 15.75 × 31.75 in

White Microban Anti-Microbial Plastic, Black Microban Anti-Microbial Plastic, Brushed Stainless Steel (+$117.00)