Powder Coated Toilet Partitions

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Powder coated toilet partitions in production.

Powder coated toilet partitions are inexpensive and functional. Those purchasing powder-coated steel can expect both day-to-day durability and service life of many years for their stalls. Furthermore, the understated design of painted steel partitions makes them suitable for most building types. A respectably-sized palette of color choices increases design flexibility. Many customers handle the installation themselves, utilizing the user-friendly instructions, and rudimentary DIY skills. After installation, the manufacturer backs powder coated partitions with a 3-year warranty. Request your quote now – we respond the same day!

Affordably Engineered

Despite their relative price, powder coated toilet partitions are still carefully engineered and constructed. Safety, durability, and ease-of-use are essential goals for powder coated steel manufacturers.

First, the materials and design of powder coated steel stalls allow many models to achieve a CLASS A fire rating, significantly contributing to any facility’s safety. Second, the professionally-applied powder coat helps the finished system withstand rusting, fading, and chipping. Third, a range of valuable features make ownership simple:

  • Assembly with vandal-proof fasteners
  • Panel construction offers rigid strength and sound dampening privacy
  • Easy-open ADA-compliant latches offer privacy – but open quickly in emergencies
  • Replacement parts are readily available

Hadrian powder coated toilet partitions, sold by Partition Plus, are manufactured with the environment in mind. Half of the steel used to create powder coated steel stalls is recycled – 14% of the material is pre-consumer, while 36% is post-consumer. Furthermore, the finishing process uses little energy, generates few emissions, and produces almost no waste.

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Installed powder coated toilet partitions.

For customers at risk of vandalism, Hadrian offers a group of four colors design to meet ASTM D6578 standards for graffiti resistance. These enhanced powder coated toilet partitions withstand permanent pen, lipstick marks, spray paint, industrial chemicals, harsh detergents, and caustic acids. Anti-graffiti stalls maintain a fresh, clean appearance for a long time – saving the cost of refurbishment or replacement.

Enhanced Privacy

We offer many enhanced privacy options for toilet partitions. In situations where standard privacy is insufficient, we can block sightlines, increase overall high, and minimize the distance between the floor and the stall bottom. Manufacturers obscure the view into stalls by adding continuous stops, continuous hinges, and privacy (filler) strips. Higher-than-average panels can sit just a few inches above the finished restroom floor while still extending far above most individuals’ heads. The extra height, quite literally, increases privacy from top-to-bottom.

ADA Compliant Powder Coated Toilet Partitions

ADA compliance is an important consideration. Hadrian, our leading brand of powder coated partitions, understands this. It is simple for us to configure stalls per ADA regulations. Properly sizing a layout’s stalls covers 90% of compliance. For instance, the ADA requires some multiuser bathrooms to contain 60″ by 60″ stalls. The remaining 10% of compliance relates to doors and hardware. Fortunately, 36″ wide doors, ADA-compliant locks, and other items are readily available.

If you have questions about powder coated toilet stalls, call Partition Plus at 800-298-9696 or email sales@partitionplus.com. Our knowledgeable team will walk you through the ordering, shipping, and installation processes. Get in touch today!