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Mounting Styles

Headrail Braced

headrail braced mounting style

Headrail braced toilet partitions are ideal structures in just about any situation. A great balance between strong design and concise design, this mounting style is a viable solution for high traffic areas like schools and various industrial settings. Headrail braced bathroom stalls have an anti-grip top rail that increases the level of structural security.

Headrail braced has two points of attachment and has a 85" max height to the top of the stile.

Headrail braced is available for the following toilet partitions:

Floor Mounted

floor mounted mounting style

The inverse of ceiling hung units, floor mounted bathroom partitions also provide a sleek appearance in their minimized design. Because of the lack of structure held to the ceiling, their clean design is not only desirable, but also practical! They are an ideal choice for areas with high ceilings where a ceiling-hung mount is not viable.

Floor Mounted has one point of attachment, a standard of 70" to top of stile, a max height of 76 5/16" to top of stile.

Floor Mounted is available for the following toilet partitions:

Ceiling Hung

ceiling hung mounting style

Ceiling hung bathroom stalls provide a very clean appearance due to a completely open floor area. In addition to design cleanliness, maintenance is considerably more convenient -- the units have no connection to the floor, allowing for easy access to the floor areas between each stall. This is not the best option for heavy traffic areas or vandal-prone bathrooms. ( Requires additional structural support )

Ceiling hung has one point of attachment and a max height of 120".

Ceiling Hung is available for the following toilet partitions:

Floor to Ceiling

floor to ceiling mounting style

Floor to Ceiling units are extremely strong units due to their connection to the ceiling, floor, and walls. Due to this structural configuration, their capability to withstand damages is unrivaled, making it a great choice for areas where unit abuse is simply unavoidable.

Floor to Ceiling has two points of attachment and accommodates up to 120" ceiling height.

Floor to Ceiling is available for the following toilet partitions: