Standard Metal Lockers



Single-Tiered Standard Metal Locker

This type of locker is made up of one tier. These metal lockers are very popular choices and are commonly used in places like schools and colleges, locker rooms, and gyms. Often, single-tiered metal lockers come with an adjustable shelf and a few hooks. These elements allows the users of the lockers to have places to hang coats and store items like hats, clothes, and so forth. Some of the larger one-tiered lockers offer people a rod on which to hang items. Although these lockers are not exactly the largest options, they certainly offer people a fairly spacious storage option.

They are usually taller than they are wide, which allows them to work well in confined areas. For example, a locker room or gym may need to allocate more space in order to increase the capacity of people who can navigate throughout the area. Because of this, lockers will need to be smaller or, at least, have a small width. This is where single-tiered standard metal lockers can help!

Two-Tiered Standard Metal Locker

What’s better than one good locker? You’ve got it; TWO lockers! Doubler-tiered metal lockers do twice the work that a single-tiered locker does. It offers storage space to more than one person while still allowing quite a bit of surrounding space. A double-tiered locker is approximately the same size as a single-tiered locker. However, you might think of it as two stacked half-sized lockers. Just like single-tiered metal lockers, double-tiered lockers are definitely ideal for schools, gyms, locker rooms, changing areas, and other such locations. Lockers that have double tiers have hooks on their inner walls and ceilings. These hooks are perfect for hanging clothing and other personal items. Unlike 1-tiered metal lockers, these lockers do not usually have a shelf because the locker compartments are smaller in size. But, although these locker compartments are not exactly large, they are perfect for personal storage space!

Multiple-Tiered Lockers

These lockers are commonly known as “box lockers”. That’s because the compartments are the size of small boxes. They are smaller compartments, which allows them to work as temporary storage areas that hold essential personal items. This makes them perfect for offices and gyms. How so? Well, most people who attend the gym bring small items like water bottles, wallets, and sunglasses. They just need a small place to store their belongings while they work out and they plan to retrieve everything when they’re all done. So, they just need a temporary hold place. Enter the box locker!

One type of multiple-person locker is a “2-person locker”. As the name implies, these standard metal lockers are great, space-saving lockers that can hold the personal items of up to two people. These double lockers take up about as much space as a single-tiered locker while still providing private compartments for more than one person. These lockers are durable and stable. Normally, there are hooks on which people can hang their jackets or coats. There are also shelves on which individuals can store books, hats, and so forth. These 2-person lockers work very well for school settings.

Some lockers are made to fit the belongings of 7 or 8 people. These are ideal for office spaces and break rooms. These box lockers usually measure approximately 18″w x 12″h. Then, there are 16-person lockers which, as you might guess, can store the belongings of up to 16 individuals. These are also great for locker rooms, gyms, break rooms, and office spaces.


The Executive Locker

The executive is a 24″ wide locker that is custom-fitted. It offers the opportunity to have as many storage shelves as necessary. It can also have lockable inner storage compartments. Also, this custom option allows people the option to have a combination tray as well as a bar on which one can hang a towel! These options make the executive locker absolutely perfect for country clubs. Golf ball trays, acrylic mirrors, and name card holders are additional options for these amazing lockers.

Wall Mounted Locker with Coat Rod

These lockers come with four private compartments. They also have a hanging area for up to 16 coats. Because these lockers are mounted to the wall, the floor below is kept clear and free. This makes for easy cleaning! This locker can also be set on counters or cabinets (without coat rod).


ADA 1-Tier & 2-Tier Lockers

Sometimes, lockers are not very well made to fit the needs of those who have physical challenges. But, the good news is that you can configure single-tiered or the lower openings of double-tiered lockers in order to meet those requirements. The doors of these lockers should be equipped with recessed handles. Regulations require the locker bottom or lower shelf to be located at a certain minimum distance from the floor to fall within a particular range of reach. In addition, for 60″ or 72″ high single-tiered lockers, the shelf can be no higher than 48″ from the floor.