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High Pressure Laminate

Inside the cubicles, each HPL door is securely fastened with chrome-plated polished Zamak hinges and latches. These latches are easily operated with one hand and also allow for rapid exterior access in case of emergency. The units have a variety of mounting options but all can be securely attached together with strong plated brackets and bolted to the floor with stainless steel wedge floor anchors. An optional steel core/welded leveling device is available for every configuration. The HPL panels meet ATSM D 6578-00 for their graffiti-resistance, with 9 out of 9 marks removed in a testing environment; for comparison, only 5 marks were cleaned from a competing metal surface. These Classic Series designs promise graffiti removal that won’t leave a trace, ensuring an always-new appearance.

Powder Coated Steel

Powder coated steel toilet partitions are fireproof with a CLASS A rating, they have a great finish that never oxidizes, dulls, or flakes. Every section has welded corner seams and they promise their sturdy panels won’t deform or bend. If any part does get damaged, they can be quickly repaired or replaced. Inside, the panels are reinforced with 1-inch honeycomb cells that provide strength as well as sound dampening without a lot of extra mass. The individual bathroom partition pieces are mounted with vandal-proof fasteners and the doors come with ADA-approved latches that offer privacy yet can be quickly opened in case of an emergency.


HDPE is not as expensive as the materials commonly used in other restroom partitions, but there are also many other reasons why Resistall relies on it. First of all, HDPE is non-porous. That means not only does it not absorb odor, but they are impenetrable to moisture. Resistall panels never peel or get mildew, resulting in a cleaner, healthier bathroom environment. In fact, tests show 98.4% of MRSA bacteria dies within 24 hours without any cleaning. Thats germ-resistant! HDPE is also very tough. The orange peel texture is scratch resistant and its built-in color lessens signs of wear and tear. You don’t need to use industrial strength products to get rid of graffiti: HDPE can be cleaned with ordinary non-abrasive solutions. And HDPE has been shown in tests to have 59 times greater resistance to impact than metal.


SierraSeries is made by Bobrick, comes in 4 standard colors and has an impact, scratch, dent and moisture resistant finish. Comes with various privacy options and is rated a Class B fire rating. The SierraSeries has the color all the way through the material, and has an anti graffiti finish that makes removal of most graffiti as easy as applying the anti graffit solution and wiping it away. There is also the through-bolt construction for the panel-to-stile bracket, keeper and the robe hook.


Phenolic toilet stalls, also referred to as compact laminate, are perhaps the most versatile and resilient material offered today. This is because these restroom stalls have a solid core, offer a wide variety of colors or pattern options, and, perhaps most significantly, are completely water resistant. Phenolic is made from layers of Kraft paper that have been infused with resin and put under an intense pressure. The resulting plastic panel is incredibly strong, yet still lightweight, and they are built to last a very long time.

Solid Plastic

For those building or renovating projects that like the convenience and heartiness of polymer plastics and have a larger budget, solid plastic restroom partitions are an excellent choice. These 1-inch solid HDPE plastic units are made in the U.S.A. and they are backed with one of the longest warranties in the industry. Because of their lasting service and imperiousness to mildew or corrosion, solid plastic partitions often are the best choice for large stadiums or universities. They can be built for any fire rating and have three configuration options that are all compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel offers an exceptionally high standard of materials coupled with long-lasting service, and unmatched fire protection. These stainless steel toilet partitions are the modern, sleek, and yet still affordable solution for your office or other facility that demands the very best. They are known for their spartan design that instantly upgrades a washroom to executive level. Yet, their bathroom partitions are very competitively priced and will save more money in the long run because they will never need to be replaced.


The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a mandate that prohibits discriminatory action against those who suffer from various disabilities. Compliance with this mandate requires all structurally practicable facilities constructed after January 26th, 1992 to contain at least one fully accessible stall for disabled users as per Title II and III regulations. Additionally, any constructions completed prior to the installation of this mandate will need to be updated to standard when making a modification. Check out our ADA Guide for more information and to download or view our PDFs.


Stands for American Society for Testing and Materials , This is an organization based out of Pennsylvania that develops and publishes voluntary technical standards for a wide range of materials, products, systems and services. So when you see ASTM E84 for example, the ASTM is the organizational reference and the E84 is the standards for the actual material, product, system or service being referenced.

Color Chart

It’s a pdf, website page or even a printed document that lists the colors available and sometimes textures for any given product. In our case it’s for bathroom partitions and Urinal screens. These are often helpful when a customer wants to match an existing color scheme and needs to have a toilet stalls that matches. Since all restroom partitions don’t come in the same colors, this provides an important variable in deciding the toilet stall divider you’ll end up purchasing.


a slotted hinged metal plate that forms part of a fastening for a door or lid and is fitted over a metal loop and secured by a pin or padlock. Hasp is commonly used with referencing lockers and how they close and lock

( HDPE ) High-density Polyethylene

High-density Polyethylene abbreviated as HDPE, This material is a polyethylene thermoplastic made from petroleum. It’s also called “ alkathene “ or “ polythene “ when used for pipes. With a high strength to density ratio, HDPE is used in the production of plastic bottles, corrosion resistant piping, geomembranes and plastic lumber. HDPE is commonly recycled and has the number 2 as it’s resin identification code, also known as a recycling symbol.

( SCRC ) Solid Color Reinforced Composite

Solid Color Reinforced Composite abbreviated as SCRC, This material is is a solid plastic composite that is thermoset and integrally fused into one consistent piece. Read more on this type of material on our SierraSeries material page.


LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. LEED is a certification program focused primarily on new, commercial-building projects and based upon a points system. The more points you earn, the higher your rating. You can view our LEED information for more information from the manufacturers as well as the government’s info.

Mounting Styles

Each partition type can be mounted a few different ways, these different ways include: Headrail Braced, Ceiling Hung, Floor Mounted and Floor to Ceiling. Now all partitions can be mounted using ” Headrail Braced ” but that’s where they stop with commonalities, check our mounting styles page for more information on the different mounting styles.

Pilaster Shoes

Pilaster Shoes are the rectangular piece of metal that the partitions anchor inside of to help brace the partition to the floor. These also help hide the hardware and can assist in tampering.


A stile or pilaster is the vertical panel that is located on either side of the doors.

Stop & Keeper

This is a piece of hardware that attaches to the pilaster so the door can A: Be ” Stopped ” so it doesn’t swing out the wrong way and B: Keeps the door closed when a user turns the door knob to lock.

Urinal Screens

Urinal screens also called Urinal Partitions or Dividers are that piece of material that separates you from other people using the urinals on either side, creating a layer of privacy. View our Urinal Partitions / Privacy-Screens by clicking the link.

Vandal Proof Fasteners

These are screws, nuts, bolts or other types of hardware designed to not be standard in their shape so that not just anyone can alter them, once in place. These pieces normally require either a socket wrench or in some cases a special tool to adjust. This helps prevent someone with a pocket knife, coin or some other object from easily removing or adjusting the hardware.

Welded Corner Seams

This is a type of weld that attaches two corner pieces together and does so in a long continuous weld to add strength and durability.