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Urinal Partitions

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about purchasing your urinal partitions, please feel free to give us a call or send an email, we will get right back to you about your issue.

Powder Coated Steel Urinal Partitions

Powder Coated Steel

High Pressure Laminate Urinal Partitions

High Pressure Laminate

Resistall Plastic Urinal Partitions

Resistall Plastic

Solid Plastic (HDPE) Urinal Partitions

Solid Plastic

Stainless Steel Urinal Partitions

Stainless Steel

Solid Phenolic (Compact Laminate) Urinal Partitions

Solid Phenolic

Urinal Screens, also known as urinal partitions and urinal privacy walls are a necessity in any restroom. After reading through the information we provide, we hope you are able to make the best decision possible. At partition plus we strive to make the process of purchasing as easy as possible by giving you all the information you could need to make the best informed choice. We list the best ways to clean these partition types, what best material type to use in your business, how to install the urinal partitions and how to keep them looking good as new. Remember you can use urinal screens for other reasons than dividing space at the urinals, they can be used at driving / shooting ranges to separate customers with a urinal screen on each side, at parks to create an entrance keeping an orderly line, as well as many other areas, your creativity and imagination are your only limits. We're even working on a comprehensive listing of industry related terms and instructions for all mounting styles to help you before, during and after your purchase with us.

To help keep consistency our selection of urinal partition material is the same as it is for toilet partitions.

  • Powder coated steel urinal screens: With welded corner seams for added strength, learn more on Powder Coated Steel.
  • High pressure laminate urinal screens: Strength in numbers with reinforced panels, read more on High Pressure Laminate.
  • Resistall urinal screens: A lightweight, decorative option, see more information at Resistall.
  • Solid plastic urinal screens: Has vibrant color since the color goes throughout the material, read more about Solid Plastic.
  • Stainless Steel urinal screens: Has ease of clean you want with the appeal you expect, learn more about Stainless Steel.
  • Solid phenolic urinal screens: Has a solid core for strength & an easy clean ability, see more information for Solid Phenolic.