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Resistall Hollow Core Plastic Bathroom Partitions

Average price per stall $450.00

There’s a reason they’re called Resistall. These plastic hybrid bathroom partitions are strong, never need painting, won’t decay, rust, or corrode, and always end up looking good. Best of all, this partition package comes at a very affordable price. Resistall partition pieces are constructed from two pieces of 1/8-inch high-density polyethylene (HDPE) that are fused together to create a structure that’s incredibly tough, yet the hollow core makes them especially lightweight. The supporting pilasters, however, are a solid 1-inch thick and the units come in three homogeneous colors (black, grey, beige) with a stylish design that belies their low list price.

Quick Ship Information

Resistall Plastic's simplistic color choices make it an ideal candidate for speedy shipment. Resistall Plastic bathroom partitions are only manufactured in three colors:


All Resistall Plastic partitions have a relatively quick lead time of 5 days.

The HDPE Difference

HDPE is not as expensive as the materials commonly used in other bathroom stalls, but there are also many other reasons why Resistall relies on it. First of all, HDPE is non-porous. That means not only does it not absorb odor, but they are impenetrable to moisture. Resistall panels never peel or get mold and mildew, resulting in a cleaner, healthier bathroom environment. In fact, tests show 98.4% of MRSA bacteria dies within 24 hours without any cleaning. That’s germ-resistant! HDPE is also very tough. The orange peel texture is scratch resistant and its built-in color lessens signs of wear and tear. You don’t need to use industrial strength products to get rid of graffiti: HDPE can be cleaned with ordinary non-abrasive solutions. And HDPE has been shown in tests to have 59 times greater resistance to impact than metal.

Sustainable, Recyclable, Kid-Friendly

Resistall toilet stalls are GREENGUARD Children and Schools certified, which means they pass stringent material and cleaning requirements and can be safely used in these environments. Resistall uses 25 – 75% pre-consumer recycled content. These bathroom partitions are also available in 100% post-consumer materials for stall orders of 40 or more that can give you more points towards LEED certification. Resistall restroom partitions are backed by a 5-year warranty, which eliminates the worry about replacing them for a while. And when their life cycle is up, they are 100% recyclable. Their manufacturer, Scranton Products, can arrange for their return and re-use, saving them from going to the landfill.

Easy, No-Hassle Install

On top of everything, Resistall HDPE restroom dividers’ are of a lightweight design and have quality aluminum fasteners that will make the installation quick and painless. With a clear instruction manual and requiring no special tools, we’ve clocked installs at less than 20 minutes. Because they never need painting or heavy-duty cleaning, you will save money on costly maintenance and will always have bathroom stalls that perform and look pristine. If you'd like to clean them say for a spring cleaning, you can power wash or steam clean them, no need for harmful chemical cleaners.

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