Plastic Toilet Partitions

Plastic toilet partitions last for decades. Partition Plus sells plastic bathroom partitions by Scranton Products and Hadrian Manufacturing – two of the industry’s leading brands. The included 25-year guarantee shows their confidence in this material. Plastic toilet stalls come with plastic, aluminum, or stainless steel hardware to further extend longevity. Request a quote now.

Solid plastic partition upkeep is easy. With 59 times metal’s impact resistance, common dents and dings are a thing of the past. Cleaning is simple too because HDPE plastic is entirely moisture-proof. Dirt and liquids stay on the plastic’s surface and wipe away easily. Use mild soap, warm water, and a soft cloth. It also holds up against most bathroom cleaners and chemicals.

HDPE plastic toilet stalls also resist graffiti. Vandalism from pen, paint, stickers, and markers becomes a non-issue. Minor scuffs and scratches to Scranton and Hadrian solid plastic won’t break up the texture or color molded into the material.

Color chart for solid plastic toilet partitions

Plastic Toilet Partitions Look Great

Choose from a range of plastic colors. We offer rich tones, like burgundy and mocha, and unique metallic sheens, such as stainless steel or hammered bronze. Speckled mosaics, such as sandstone and sandcastle, are popular alternatives to solid hues.

Our manufacturers offer five texture options. When combined with the range of colors, these produce exciting looks, such as titanium, shale, or mahogany. The finish you choose is molded directly into the plastic toilet partition components, so peeling and flaking will never occur.

Custom engraving is available for a truly unique look. Despite these high-end finishing options, HDPE is still reliable and easy-to-clean.

Ideal for Sustainable Facilities

HDPE Solid Plastic reduces industrial waste and leaves a minimal ecological footprint. Ordering solid plastic becomes an excellent choice for your facility and the environment at large.

First, solid plastic toilet partitions do not require painting. This means there are no VOC emissions during their production or upkeep. Second, manufacturers mold solid plastic bathroom partitions from recycled materials (25% at minimum). When ordered 100% post-consumer, your project can qualify for LEED credits or points. All of this means your stalls will be easily recyclable when they are retired in the far future. Third, the partition material is guaranteed to last at least a quarter century. This longevity reduces waste.

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