Plastic Bathroom Stalls

Graphic for Plastic Bathroom Stalls

Many consider plastic bathroom stalls the best value in partitions.

Plastic bathroom stalls are one of our top-selling products at Partition Plus. For many customers, solid plastic partitions, also called HDPE (high-density polyethylene), represent the industry’s best value. Plastic stalls are easily maintained, designed to last years, and handily resist defacement.

At Partition Plus, we sell plastic restroom stalls from Hadrian Manufacturing and Scranton Products. Both of these leading brands back their plastic-based products with 25-year guarantees. Such a generous warranty is proof that these manufacturers are extremely confident in both their materials and workmanship. Typically, moisture is what degrades toilet partitions. Rust and corrosion cause cosmetic and structural issues in metal stalls. In fiber-based laminate products, the same problems occur when the interior materials absorb moisture. HDPE is entirely waterproof, totally negating these problems. Plastic bathroom stalls can’t corrode, rust, swell, or delaminate. Likewise, it will never harbor odor-causing bacteria or microorganisms.

Easy Cleaning and Graffiti Resistant

Non-porous solid plastic is also straightforward to maintain. Most often, liquids carry soil onto toilet partitions. Because solid plastic doesn’t absorb liquids, it is easy to wipe away dirt. Substances able to stain solid plastic are uncommon in a bathroom setting. Harsh chemicals and cleaners – that may damage the plastic – typically aren’t necessary. Under normal circumstances, warm water and gentle soap are all that’s required to clean solid plastic. Should plastic stalls become severely soiled, high-pressure power washing is a viable option because they are entirely resistant to water.

Most graffiti is a non-issue with HDPE toilet stalls. Just as grime won’t accumulate on solid plastic, marker, paint, and pens won’t stick either. When a substance does make a mark, the smooth, waterproof surface means it will wipe away easily. The color you see on the exterior of a solid plastic component is present throughout the material. If a vandal should scratch or scuff plastic bathroom stalls, the result is minimally visible. Scratched laminate and metal usually reveals a contrasting color. When the material under powder coating or laminate becomes visible, rust and delamination are almost unavoidable in humid environments.

Plastic Bathroom Stalls are Design-Friendly

Solid plastic is visually appealing as well as functional. Customers can choose from a range of colors. Whether you prefer subtle colors, like beige and gray, or intense shades, such as blue and red, HDPE manufacturers can accommodate you. Metallic hues and speckled mosaic are also popular finishes. Combine the unique color choices with the attractive hammered metal, rotary brushed, or EX textures for complete customization.

Great for the Environment

HDPE makes sense from an environmental standpoint. Plastic bathroom stalls never need painting, and painting isn’t part of the manufacturing process – as the color is part of the material itself. Lack of paint reduces VOC emissions associated with the production and maintenance of solid plastic partitions. Also, every plastic stall consists of at least 25% recycled material. Solid plastic makers offer 100% post-consumer components upon request. These fully recycled panels, doors, and pilasters may qualify your project for LEED credits. All plastic parts are recyclable when, in the far future, you want or need to replace your partitions.

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