Plastic Bathroom Partitions

Plastic bathroom partitions last for years and years. Partition Plus is proud to offer plastic restroom stalls from Hadrian Manufacturing and Scranton Products – two leading North American producers. These partitions include a 25-year guarantee, so you can be sure the material is tough. Plastic toilet stalls include rugged plastic, aluminum, or stainless steel hardware to enhance durability. Request a quote today.

Maintaining plastic bathroom partitions is easy. They offer 59 times the impact resistance of metal stalls. Because of this, the surface will stay free of minor dings and dents. HDPE plastic is moisture-proof, so liquids and dirt wipe away in just seconds. Cleaning requires a soft cloth, warm water, mild soap, and minimal effort.

In addition to stains, solid plastic bathroom partitions resist vandalism too. Would-be graffiti artists will have a hard time using pen, paint, stickers, or markers to deface these stalls. Hadrian and Scranton mold the material’s color and texture directly into the plastic, minimizing small scratches and scuffs.

Color chart for solid plastic bathroom partitions

Plastic Bathroom Partitions: Good Looks

Manufacturers offer a spectrum of plastic colors. Choose a faux metallic appearance with stainless steel or hammered bronze. Burgundy and mocha are excellent choices for those seeking bold solid hues. Speckled finishes, such as sandcastle and sandstone, look great as well.

Because manufacturers don’t paint plastic bathroom partition panels, flaking and peeling are impossible. Whichever of the five available textures you select, it will never degrade. Combine these texture and color options to achieve a unique look.

For maximum customization, order stalls with custom engraving. Make your public restroom space truly individual, while still benefiting from HDPE plastic’s reliability.

Perfect for Eco-Friendly Facilities

Compared to other partition materials, HDPE solid plastic produces minimal industrial waste and leaves a reduced ecological footprint. Among all it’s other benefits, solid plastic is also good for the environment.

First, consider that solid plastic bathroom partitions do not require painting. Paint-free products offer reduced VOC emissions during their production and useful life. Second, manufacturers utilize recycled materials (25% at minimum) when molding new solid plastic toilet partitions. Stalls made from 100% post-consumer stalls are optional and usually qualify for LEED points and credits. Your stalls will be easily recyclable in the future. Third, solid plastic is guaranteed to last at least 25 years, thereby significantly reducing excess material and energy usage. Think of the resources saved!

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