Phenolic Restroom Partitions

Graphic for Phenolic Restroom Partitions

Planning a high-traffic, high-design space? Consider phenolic restroom partitions.

Phenolic restroom partitions are incredibly strong, yet offer a range of design options. Laminate manufacturers create phenolic using layers of resin-soaked craft paper sandwiched between laminate sheets (that bear the outward-facing design). They fuse the layers under high heat and pressure, producing a very resilient, waterproof material. Phenolic is so strong; it comes with a 25-year warranty. Given the variety of laminates on the market – solid colors, woodgrains, faux stone, and more – customers have many phenolic choices.

Despite phenolic’s high performance, Partition Plus offers it at a great price point. On average, phenolic stalls cost an average of $769 per unit. Phenolic – also known as compact laminate – provides an excellent value considering how many years it will last.

If you need your phenolic project done fast, we have you covered! Eighteen different phenolic finishes have a lead time of 10 days or less.

Decades-Long Guarantee on Phenolic Restroom Partitions

Our phenolic restroom partitions typically carry a 25-year guarantee protecting against manufacturing defects along with corrosion, breakage, and delamination. Should a warranty replacement be necessary, the manufacturer would completely cover the cost of any returns or replacements. Phenolic partitions offer many exciting features:

  • Stainless steel mounting hardware and hinges
  • Doors hardware able to withstand 1500 lbs. of force and years of repeated opening and closing
  • Available “Gap-Free Interlocking” doors that block sight-lines on either side of the door frame
  • Optional 72″ doors and 72″ panels configured to sit just 4″ above the finished floor
  • One-piece shoe design with concealed leveling device

Phenolic restroom partitions from Bobrick – our leading supplier of the material – feature a thin outer coating of melamine. This barrier protects the laminate and deeper layers from dirt and grim. Thanks to the melamine, only warm, soapy water is necessary for quick and easy cleaning. The additional protection also increases graffiti resistance. Resistance to vandalism makes phenolic very popular in public facilities.

Available in GREENGUARD Certified Configurations

Unlike most other stall materials, phenolic restroom partitions from Bobrick are Indoor Air Quality Certified by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute. The materials will not contribute to indoor air pollution by “gassing off” any harmful substances – thus producing a healthier, more pleasant environment.

For more information on our solid core phenolic restroom partitions, contact us today. We will be happy to help! Call 800-298-9696 or email