HPL Partitions

Graphic for HPL Partitions

HPL partitions are stylish and durable.

HPL partitions suit various projects, especially those where design flexibility and affordability are priorities. “HPL” refers to “high-pressure laminate,” a partition material made from particleboard sandwiched between laminate layers. The laminate itself – sourced from Formica, Nevamar, Fundermax, or another similar maker – usually features colorful patterns or faux textures. In short, the use of particleboard keeps the cost down, but hundreds of laminate finishes are available. Beyond good looks and affordability, laminate products are also highly resistant to impacts and scratches. They also typically carry a CLASS B (ASTM E84) fire rating for safety and compliance. If you’re interested in high-pressure laminate partitions for your facility or project, please contact us for a quote. We’re also available by email (sales@partitionplus.com) and phone (800-298-9696).

HPL partitions aren’t ideal for high moisture and high humidity facilities (pools, areas near showers, etc.). We recommend solid plastic (HDPE) and solid phenolic for damp applications, both of which are entirely impervious to liquids. However, few options beat the visual appeal and low cost of high-pressure laminate for dry restroom spaces.

Many Finish Options: Solids, Woods, Stones, and More

No matter your design goals, HPL partitions can accommodate them. For projects where the aim is to make a statement, high-pressure laminate comes in bright colors with a striking glossy texture. If you’re planning on traditional decor, perhaps one of several available faux-woodgrains would be appropriate. More than 35 standard colors open up a world of possibilities.

A Resilient Surface for Restrooms

Compared with entry-level powder-coated steel partitions, HPL stalls can withstand more abuse before damage occurs. During testing, an instrument designed to measure ease of scratching required a 10kg load before it marked plastic laminate. Only a 3kg weight was necessary to create a scratch in powder-coated steel. In the same series of tests, high-pressure laminate tallied approximately 30% better impact and dent resistance than painted steel stalls.

HPL partitions come with durable, chrome-plated zamak hardware. Customers may opt for upgraded brackets, hinges, and other appointments. Aluminum or stainless steel hardware provides a great accent to fancier laminate designs.

High-pressure laminate (HPL partitions) include a limited two-year warranty that protects against breakage, corrosion, and any defects in the materials. Correctly installed and maintained partitions exhibiting problems will be fixed or replaced at no cost to the customer.

Eco-Friendly Options

Often, HPL partitions qualify for LEED credits. The hardware is 50% to 70% recycled steel, while panels, doors, and pilasters include recycled material. Architects, builders, and end-users all benefit from LEED eligibility – and the environment benefits from sustainable manufacturing and a focus on recycling.