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Toilet partitions for different business types

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Toilet Partitions Buying Guide

Ever wonder what  bathroom partitions are a best fit for your type of business? 

Well look no further than this blog post, below we have compiled a list of restroom partition types and have placed various types of businesses underneath that would make the most sense due to the wide range of variables their customers or employees might face. Please if you don't see your business listed below, we're only a phone call: 800-298-9696, fax: 410-702-5050 or  email away, we'll be happy to answer or even quote a price for your project.

HDPE Solid Plastic

- For these types of projects, you want a set it and forget it aspect for your partition needs, we went with HDPE solid plastic for the 1 inch high-density polyethylene material durability, this type of partition has a variety of fire-safety ratings to choose from. These partitions are impact-resistant, can withstand graffiti and other forms of common vandalism. A perfect choice for a high traffic area with low monitoring.

  • Food Industry
  • Stadiums
  • Military
  • Rest stops / Public Areas ( High Traffic )
  • Gyms

Solid Phenolic

- These partitions work well in these types of settings due to it’s melamine coated, resin-paper infusion that results in a near-indestructible material that’s not only durable but very customizable. These solid phenolic partitions are great for many situations requiring more aggressive cleaning, so no need to fear the power washer. These partitions are backed with a 25 year replacement guarantee, couple with a  Class B fire safety rating, it’s almost a no brainer.

  • Bars
  • Stadiums
  • Military

Resistall Plastic

- We all know school bathrooms take a beating and because of this we went with Resistall Plastic due to it’s budget friendly, lightweight partitions that can still be rugged and handle abuse. These bathroom stalls carry a  GREENGUARD Children and Schools certification, making them a great choice for educational facilities.

  • Bars
  • Schools
  • Stadiums

Powder Coated Steel

- When the government is paying, price is the biggest factor, with these partitions, you get a budget friendly partition for a range of situations. Powder coated steel reduces the overall susceptibility of graffiti, the powder coating process results in no emissions, so it’s friendly to the earth. If you’re not sold on this partition yet, they carry a class A fire safety rating.

  • Government
  • Hotels
  • Office Buildings
  • Churches

Stainless Steel

- When it comes to hospitals, stainless steel is the go to materials, it’s easy to clean, rust resistant and has a non-porous surface, so no places for bacteria to hide in during a cleaning. This partition also boasts a protective embossed patterning that can mask any damage done but more importantly, protects against physical damages caused by scratches or fingerprints. With a  class A fire safety rating and a fully recyclable material makes it a go to if you have LEED credits and aesthetics in mind.

  • Hospitals

High Pressure Laminate ( HPL )

- Another budget friendly partition and a close match to those interested in Powder coated steel but not the price. HPL bathroom stalls use an industrial strength particle board and infuses it with hardened wood for a heavy duty & durable material that will last for years. These partitions are highly resistant to damage and have been shown to outperform metal counterparts in scratch resistance and impact damage.

  • Bars
  • Churches
  • Restaurants

Don't forget to pick up some accessories for your restroom project as well, we have a wide assortment of items from hardware to hand dryers  and much more. As always thank you for reading and if this was helpful, please share this in your social media networks.