Cleaning Toilet Partitions

Cleaning products for use with toilet partitions.

There are a variety of acceptable toilet partition cleaning methods. This strategy is practically universal:

  • Prepare a mixture of warm water and a mild all-purpose bathroom cleaner in a bucket or basin. Submerge a soft, absorbent cloth or soft sponge in the mix. Wring it out, so it is damp, not soaked. Then wipe the partition surfaces side-to-side, top to bottom. Tackle one panel, door, or pilaster at a time.
  • Avoid any cleaning solutions or cleaning tools that are abrasive or chemically harsh. Do not use wire brushes, fibrous sponges, steel wool, scouring pads, powdered cleansers, gritty creams, bleach, acids, toilet bowl cleaner, or scale remover.
  • Repeat the wiping process using clean, warm water and a fresh cloth or sponge. Primarily, this removes the loosened dirt and excess cleaner. This step also limits the build-up of cleaner residue.
  • Always dry partition surfaces. Some partition surfaces can corrode if exposed to moisture for prolonged periods. Almost any partition material, even waterproof polymers, could show water spotting and streaking if they are not thoroughly dried.

PRO TIP: Use a wet mop with a flat, cloth-covered head (mounted on a ball joint) to cleaning bathroom partitions. Use the mop in conjunction with a misting bottle to speed up the cleaning process. These tools make light work of cleaning hard-to-reach areas. Do not reuse a mop or mop cover previously used to clean floors. Also, avoid excess moisture.

To remove difficult stains while maintaining the finish and cosmetic appeal of the partitions, use an approach tailored to your bathroom stall material: powder-coated steel, plastic laminate, solid plastic, phenolic, composite, or stainless steel. Consult these material specific pages to identify the composition of your partitions. Then, follow the directions in this article.

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Toilet Partitions for Churches

Candles used in religious worship

Places of worship have unique needs when it comes to bathroom stalls and washroom accessories. Churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, and other religious facilities all need toilet partitions for their public bathrooms – like any other high-capacity, shared space. However, for many individuals, churches are distinctive facilities that are unlike any other building they regularly visit.

Because there are many different styles of religion, there are many forms of religious facilities. Some churches are small, while others are large. Religious structures can be austere, lavish, or anywhere in between. Both formal and informal houses of worship are popular with large portions of the United States population. Regardless of the details, the fact is that many faiths – established rites and new observances alike – require gathering space. Whatever the size, form, aesthetics, and ambiance of these physical locations, they will likely need public bathrooms. This requirement, of course, necessitates toilet partitions. As a leading online source for bathroom stalls, Partition Plus is glad to supply – and, in some cases, install – a partition system in any place of worship.

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Amazing Deal on ASI Automatic Soap Dispenser 20365

Sale on ASI 20365 Foam Soap Dispenser

Could your facility’s bathroom use an automatic soap dispenser? Well then, take a look at this great deal!

As part of ongoing construction here at the Partition Plus offices, we’ve been cleaning-house. Our organizing uncovered several pallets of ASI soap dispensers. Aiming to liquidate this stockpile, we’re offering ASI’s Roval Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser 20365 at a deep discount. To sweeten the deal, we’re giving you the soap and batteries necessary to get the unit up-and-running.

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Explore Engraved Solid Plastic

Rendering of toilet partitions with Signature Engraving

Choosing a bathroom partition material can be difficult. Given the realities of public restrooms, the stalls must be durable. At the same time, everyone wants their bathroom to look nice. Heavy-duty products aren’t always beautiful, especially when the overall cost is a concern.

HDPE toilet partitions excel when it comes to dependability. They are impervious to moisture, which is a significant benefit for stalls intended for busy public restrooms. Because they are water-proof, HDPE partitions are also easy-to-clean. Simple cleaners, disinfectants, and water are all that is required to clean and sanitize solid plastic panels. Among common toilet partition materials, HDPE is often viewed as a practical option – not the first choice for a design-oriented bathroom project.

With the emergence of optional engraving, solid plastic has become a viable choice for bathrooms requiring a decorative accent. Continue reading for more information about Signature Engraving and custom engraving from Scranton Products.

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Toilet Partition Quick Ship Options

Map of the US

At Partition Plus, we understand that short lead times, fast shipping, and reliable delivery are important to all our customers. For shoppers in especially urgent situations, we are happy to offer expedited options. While toilet partitions ordered in select materials, configurations, and finishes are eligible for quicker shipping, all orders are processed and shipped as quickly as possible.

Read on for more information about quick shipping options from Partition Plus.

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Take a Look at “Midnight”

Rendering of HDPE toilet partitions in Midnight.

Scranton Products is offering a new option for solid plastic toilet partitions and lockers: Midnight. Scranton remarks that the color is “a bold new hue for your design palette,” describing the shade as “not quite black, not quite blue.”

To our eyes, here at Partition Plus, Midnight is an exciting take on dark navy. The most popular colors of HDPE are beiges, grays, and off-white shades. But there is no reason why the solid plastic toilet partition palette shouldn’t expand into a more colorful territory.

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Decorating a Public Bathroom

Consider redecorating your commercial bathroom at the same time as your toilet partition installation. It is an excellent opportunity to start fresh. Be careful, however. Giving a public restroom a new look is a more challenging task than renovating other shared spaces. Before diving into your project, review the following helpful hints.

A toilet partition installation project is the perfect time to reevaluate your bathroom decor. Because you will need to remove your old partitions and accessories before the installation of the new material, applying new wall treatments is much easier. Depending on the changes you are making, a fresh coat of paint may be needed. Your new toilet partitions will not necessarily connect to the wall in all the same locations or cover the same areas of your walls. If you’ve painted since installing your toilet partitions, you will almost certainly have some mismatched spots.

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Installation Services Available

Partition Plus installation professionals.

Did you know that Partition Plus not only sells toilet partitions but installs them as well? Yes, it’s true! If you live in the area surrounding Baltimore, Maryland, we can deliver and install your order. Our installation professionals will arrive in a Partition Plus vehicle, unload your materials, and construct your partitions. Often, we require just a few hours to complete installation.

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Video Production Under Way

Rendering of a decorative clapper against green.

Plans have been in the works for months to begin producing short videos that explain more about our partition products and other offerings. During the past few weeks, we’ve spent some of our spare time on this video production. Now, filming and editing are complete on our first batch of YouTube videos. And this blog post serves as our premier gala! We currently have four videos under our belts. Visitors to our YouTube channel will learn more about:

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Aria, from Scranton Products, for Unisex Bathrooms

Photo of "Whatever Just Wash Your Hands" sign.

Scranton Products Aria series of full height toilet cubicles are an ideal solution for unisex bathrooms. Aria partitions provide extreme privacy, as well as design advantages and unique features not found in standard toilet stalls. The focus on privacy is what makes Aria perfect for bathrooms designed to be shared by persons of all genders. Read on for more information about Aria partitions and how well they work in gender-neutral bathrooms.

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