Advantages of HDPE Solid Plastic Bathroom Partitions

Durable Solid Plastic Toilet Partition Layouts

Solid plastic will stand the test of time. Taken alone, the panel, door, and pilaster materials are supremely durable. It is the only material that is solid from front to back and from it’s outside to the center. This material limits the number of ways the stall can be damaged. Small scratches, dents, bumps, and scrapes will not affect the color.

Great Design with Plenty of Customization

The potential for personalization and customization is enormous. Dozens of colors and five textures make sure your stalls will be unique.

Plastic Bathroom Stalls are Water Proof

HDPE solid plastic’s lack of interaction with water is another huge benefit. Entirely impermeable, solid plastic can be hosed down, or power washed without worry. Solid plastic is one of the best choices for areas with humidity or moisture.

Good For The Environment: Plastic Toilet Dividers in HDPE

Perfect for environmentally sensitive projects for several reasons:

  • Can assist in LEED certification
  • 25% to 100% post-industrial recycled
  • 100% recyclable after the useful lifespan
  • no painting involved, ever, no VOCs

HDPE Fire Resistance Improves Plastic Bathroom Stall Safety

Solid plastic stalls can be custom-manufactured with a material that is ATSM E84 CLASS B or ASTM E84 CLASS A fire-resistant. In the event of a fire, CLASS B compliant materials spread very minimal flame and smoke, while CLASS A compliant materials will spread no flame and smoke.

In the unfortunate event of a fire, it increases safety and minimizes the potential for damage.

Plastic Bathroom Partitions are Easy to Maintain

Simple repairability and easy cleaning make the cost of ownership low. Cleaning and repair can be as simple as hosing down the stalls, then burnishing out cuts or scratches.

HDPE Plastic Toilet Partitions Offer Unprecedented Guarantee

Manufacturers offer a 25-year guarantee on HDPE solid plastic.