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Toilet Partitions: Material Information

Deciding on bathroom stalls for your building isn’t an easy task, especially if you’re not dealing with bathroom dividers everyday. It often doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with a small building or a sports stadium, the aspects of purchasing a restroom divider can vary depending on a few aspects of your project needs. Here at Partition Plus we strive to make this process as easy as possible for you. Our blog section is one of our main spots that we like to showcase this kind of help. Need help deciding on a type of restroom stall? We have a blog post for that. We also have a dedicated team of sales representatives that have 20 years of experience to back up their knowledge base to best cater to your washroom divider questions. Whether you’re a nationwide customer or a local business, rest assured we’ll find you what you need, at a cost that’s more competitive and with top notch customer service, that’ll keep you a returning customer for all your toilet wall needs.

Restroom Partition Types We Carry:

Powder Coated Steel

If you’re looking for a bathroom stall that will last for a price that won’t break the bank, look no further than Powder Coated Steel Toilet Partitions. These washroom walls can be a great choice for a many types of buildings and situations. You could say, it’s the multi-purpose restroom divider. It’s powder coating on the steel surface helps make these bathroom walls less vulnerable towards graffiti & the powder coating process has no emissions, so it’s friendlier to the environment. If you’re after a CLASS A fire safety rating, look no further than Powder Coated Steel toilet stalls. So to sum things up, if you need a low-budget, multi-purpose, competitive restroom divider, Powder Coated Steel is your partition choice. Take a look at the Powder Coated Steel information page to get more details about the bathroom stalls, or search through our stock configurations.

High Pressure Laminate (HPL)

When you need a toilet compartment that can be multi-purpose but also friendly to one’s budget, take a look at High Pressure Laminate (HPL) toilet partitions. These bathroom dividers are made using industrial strength particle board that is infused with hardened wood, this process creates a very strong & heavy duty material able to last for years. Adding to the allure of these restroom dividers is their high resistance towards damage & through studies has performed better than metal restroom stalls in scratch resistance & impact damage. Are you interested in these high pressure laminate bathroom dividers & want to read more information? Head over to the more detailed High Pressure Laminate restroom partition information page or view all of the stock layouts.

HDPE Solid Plastic

When you need tough & quality in one place, try the Solid Plastic Polymer ( HDPE ) toilet partitions. They’re made with 1” inch thick high-density polyethylene ( non-porous ) meaning you’ll never worry about moisture or unwanted smells. Polyethylene construction also makes it heavily resistant to physical damage. These bathroom walls come in various kinds of fire safety ratings, all at the choice of the customer. Solid plastic polymer restroom stalls are capable of withstanding graffiti & other forms of vandalism. Each divider comes with a 25 year warranty. Find more information about Solid plastic polymer toilet partitions, as well visit Solid Plastic (Polymer) bathroom stall page, and a list of all Solid Plastic dividers we offer can be found here.

Resistall Plastic

Whether you’re looking for budget friendly or lightweight restroom walls, Resistall plastic restroom partitions are a great choice. They’re rugged in construction allowing for more abuse, and they’re highly recyclable. These bathroom dividers are a lot like the Solid Plastic (polymer) bathroom walls. Resistall toilet stalls are impervious to moisture damage & highly resistant towards multiple kinds of vandalism & physical impacts. These restroom walls have a GREENGUARD children & schools certification, making them a great choice for educational facilities. Visit the Resistall plastic washroom divider page for more details of their design, structure & overall benefits. If you’re already interested, see all the layouts we carry for this washroom partition type. Visit the Resistall plastic toilet partition page for further detail on their design, structure, and benefits of use, or take a look at the various layouts that we carry.

Stainless Steel

Looking for reliability and style with a touch of modern? Stainless Steel toilet partitions would be a great choice. While featuring an elegant & fresh look, these bathroom walls are also resilient. The protective embossed pattern does a great job of not only masking, but protecting against physical damage caused by scratches as well cosmetic damages caused by fingerprints. These washroom dividers also are resistant against corrosive damage some chemical cleaners can cause. Stainless Steel bathroom partitions are the industry leaders in fire safety, having the best Class A fire safety rating. Being stainless steel in composition, these restroom stalls are highly recyclable, making it a great choice for larger budgets having LEED credits & aesthetics in mind. Take a look at the Stainless Steel toilet stall page for additional details, or see a list of the layouts that we have.

Solid Phenolic

Need a durability all in one solution? Give Solid Phenolic toilet partitions a closer look, as their melamine coated, resin paper infusion results in a near indestructible material, that’s not only durable but also very customizable. The melamine coating provides a extreme water resistance, allowing more aggressive cleaning methods to be used, such as power washing without the fear of corrosion damage. Solid phenolic bathroom stalls are also very resistant towards damage, they’ve been tested to withstand well over half a ton of weight & additionally carries a Class B fire safety rating. This type of washroom dividers also have a 25 year replacement guarantee, boasting a very long life cycle. Selecting this type of restroom divider can reward you with a very long time of guaranteed use. To learn more about this toilet stall type, try our Solid Phenolic restroom partition page, or check out the complete listing of all solid phenolic toilet partitions we carry here.

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